Cairo Businesses

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Cairo milk caps are really hard to find. A tube of Sears ones surfaced 20 years ago and all of the known ones came from that single roll. The Sears bottles (or Riddle or McGregor bottles) rarely appear on ebay. Actually only ONE McGregor bottle is know at all! Sears or Riddle milk bottles rarely appear at bottle shows (the nearest being in Columbus OH in Feb). A Sears bottle, which is the most common, can bring over $100 per bottle. Ritchie County milk bottles are very sought after.
(Randy Stout) I bought the Sears farm in 1978 sold in 1988 and then bought Becker farm on Cisco Rd happily still there 31 years later

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Advertisement from a 1920s era Cairo community cookbook.

(Jim Moats) That was my great uncle’s company! Foster Murdy used to torpedo my grandfather’s wells! Foster Murdy married Virginia Stalnaker and “aunt Gin” lived to be almost 100 years old. Their grandchildren and great grandchildren still live around Parkersbur. The Bickels were also a distant relation to me but I’m not sure how L.P. Bickel is related. They had a big farm just south of Parkersburg.

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One of the containers used to transport the nitroglycerin. from Murdy- Bickel
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Raiguel Funeral Home, circa 2010.
Jim Moats wrote: We used to walk around back looking in the windows hoping to see a body when we were kids. What were we thinking!
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The first floor restaurant and second floor apartment on Main Street, immediately beside the bridge over the Hughes that leads to School House Hill (see dark outline of CHS on the hill behind this building). Building torn down and lot filled by town , Marble park built there in the late 1990s.
Dean Six shared: My dad recalls that upstairs in the early 1950s was the home and business of Scottie Rhymer. He had been injured in a motorcycle accident and had several scars and had lost a leg. His
home was also the clock and watch repair shop.
Several replies came syaing they that Ted Seminac (sp) had lived up there. Yes- he lived there with his mother – Helen Davis Seminac Rhymer. Most will recall her as Helen Rhymer. Ted was in my dad’s Cairo Boy Scout troop. To dad’s best recollection he was the only Cairo Scout to receive his Eagle Scout.

same restaurant / apartment building viewed from the other end of the bridge and across the river.

Dean Six wrote: In the early 1950s (when my mother in HS and dad had just come home from Korea) the restaurant on the first floor of that little building was owned by Hop and Geraldine Haynes (parents of Flavious).
As you can see from the photos shared there was a building and a small addition on the bridge side. In the restaurant, in that smaller side room, the Haynes family had a juke box. A big and popular item in the early 1950s I am told.
Beverly Elliot wrote: When we owned it…no restaurant….Roger Cantrell had one when I was a Freshman in high school…I worked there for awhile…can’t remember when he closed

Main street restaurant building and apartment looking east on Main.

Dottie Cornell wrote: Fred’s cousin Patty and Dwight Elliott lived in the late 1960’s and the bottom was a restaurant he says…
Sandy Lewis recalled: s I remember it being Roger Cantwell’s restaurant and that Ted did live upstairs at one time. I cannot remember what was there before that.

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