Grant District High School, later Cairo High School

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photo and post shared by Elaine S. Strader:
Since viewing the photos of the CHS gym I have been thinking I needed to add this photo of the 1925 basketball team My Dad, Owen Eugene Smith is in the front row second from the left. The only other people I can identify are Frank Marsh, former teacher and principal at Cairo Elementary. He is the first one on the left in the front row. Also, my uncle Jess Scott is in the back row second from the left.

ABOUT early Grant District High School basketball:

shared by Elaine S. Strader;
According to my Dad, Owen Eugene Smith, before the building of the new gymnasium in 1921, basketball games were played outside on the tennis court that was in front of the gym.

Cairo’s first indoor basketball court was on the top floor of the Greer Supply building, now know as the R.C. Hardware. The top floor was refurbished and proper lines were painted. Two banking boards were built and after installing, teams were picked for the first game. The first game was also the last in that building. The two teams and the referee running the floors length set up vibrations throughout the building so severe that not a single gas mantle (light) remain intact in the entire building. The owner immediately stopped all activities on the new basket ball court. Grant District High School board of education drew up plans for the new gymnasium. The banking boards from the Greer Building were installed for the new court.

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