NUTTER FARM community

Dean Six wrote:
NUTTER FARM, interior view of Cain’s store. Hazel Cain shared this and one other image with me when we were gathering images for the Ritchie County photo book. I remember the store building was still standing, in a sharp turn on Rt. 31 beneath where 31 now joins US 50 at Nutter Farm. I think Mr. Cain ( Hazel’s father-in-law) looks like the real Sam Drucker NOT in Petticoat junction but in WV! photo circa 1910’s?
Ed Varner added: Mr. Cains sawmill was across the road. I have his ledgers from the 40’s
James Chapman shared: I remember the store and the Cain’s house across the road. “Cain’s store” was a stop on the B&O bus line. My grandparents on Nutter Fork bought their groceries there.
Flavious Haynes Noted:  I remember that turn. Lost all 4 hub caps, and never left the road in dad’s 1960 Plymouth.

Randy Elder chimed in: Biddle Davis crashed in it and finally knocked the old store down

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