Robinson Lodge and the Ritchie County Picnic

Where Oh WHERE are the surely hundreds of photos of this????

Ruth Flanagan shared: Robinson Lodge. My step grandmother Martha Stewart ran Robinson Lodge for years. Martha Stewart was better known as Ma Stewart and she ran it with a strong fist for years. Don’t know who she sold out to, then moved into Parkersburg. I remember square dancing there, turkey shoots and lots of good times. Maybe someone can come up with some pictures.

Ginger Ball wrote: My dad owned the property which Robinson lodge was on which he built our home on. Ruth Ann your dad taught me to square Dance. Martha was my dad’s partner and I remember her. I don’t remember any pictures. That was a long time ago, my dad was Philip Lemon I know there was a lot of people there.

Eva Jo Six posted: The Layfield reunion was held in front of the Robinson Lodge and the Rexroad reunion was just a short distance away, near the road bank toward Harrisville .

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