Pennsboro High School Diploma

Pennsboro High School Diploma Cairo, WV
Pennsboro High School Diploma Cairo, WV

Only sorta Cairo/ Grant District…here is the long story:

A lot of interest in the past few weeks in the old drive-in movie theater that operated a short time on the hill near the current Dept. of Highways/ between Ellenboro and Harrisville. The local paper has identified it as the Ritchie Drive-In and owned by Perry Dye.

My dad has other recollections of it. He says the mans name was not dye but Dry. Adn he told me he knew the man and recalled him. His home was a tidy house on the Ellenboro street that now is opposite the DQ and leads to the Physical Therapy building. Dad recalls him as Perry Dry not Dye. Dad also told me I owned this man’s Pennsboro High School Diploma? I said no way. He then took me to where the diploma lives in his garage. It came to me in a selection of old papers from the estate of Sadie McGinnis of Ellenboro. I purchased a large quantity of items form the Bogard family who purchased Sadie’s Ellenboro home in the 1980s.

My dad says this was the man who owned the drive-in. His name on that diploma (dated 1910) is Bennevelle Perry DREY. (see attached photos) Dad knew this man and says this was him. DREY not dye or Dry. If he graduated in 1910 he as born, probably, in the first half of the 1890s. By the 1950s, when the drive-in was operating, he would have been in his 50’s.

Further dad related his wife (Mrs. Drey) was maiden name SCOTT and a sister to Mary Scott Smith (whose daughters are on this site!) and a sister to Maime Sandy AND Bess Beckner and he recalls one other sister who taught at WVU (?) SO- can anyone help by addressing the Scott family AND this Mr. Drey/ Dye/ Dry? Dad says the Dreys’s had no children. Can somone related to this family help?

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