The Jughandle Campground at North Bend State Park

North Bend State Park
North Bend State Park, The Jughandle Campground

North Bend State Park, championed into being in large part by the Cairo Lions Club long ago, was established with CAIRO as it’s “home” – how fortunate that has been over time. MUCH has changed. The Jughandle campground, shared here in a postcard image, was lost when the new dam came in- thousands of families spent hundreds of weekends there along the mighty Hughes. But things change. In my family all three children (including me) worked summers at NBSP. HOW many local youth (and adults) have gained employment there aver the 63 years North Bend has been a reality?

WHAT do you remember about North bend? It has surely been a BIG part of Cairo for decades….

Indian Petroglyphys at Raber Farm

Indian petroglyphs on the Raber Farm at North Bend State Park
Indian petroglyphs on the Raber Farm at North Bend State Park

The Indian petroglyphs on the Raber Farm at North Bend State Park. Uncovered by the summer work team at North Bend State Park while constructing the overhanging rock trail, summer of 1976 (?). An extensive film documentary was later created about this by Nancy (Summers) Curry the then Ritchie County Librarian. Wonder what became of that film?

Petroleum WV School

Petroleum WV School - 1983 Cairo, WV
Petroleum WV School – 1983 Cairo, WV

Petroleum WV school – photo circa 1983. Note the photo with camper trailers in front of the building taken in early 2019 and posted here several weeks ago.


Cisco store grant district West Virginia   Dutch Kuhn J&K's Jim Kenneth Moler

Fernande Lindsay Stewart wrote:   Kenneth (Jim Moler’s brother) and Joyce (Lindsday) Moler bought it from Dutch Kuhn in the mid to late 70’s. Kenneth and Joyce are my brother-in-law and sister. At that time the store was called J&K’s. I worked there in my teens when it was a full service gas station. It was a game checking station and it was a hopping place during deer season! Jim and Becky Moler didn’t buy it until sometime in the 80’s.
Libby Carpenter shared: We did an auction there a couple of years ago… Jim Moler sold the store and moved away.
This photo by dean six probably early 1980s ?

NUTTER FARM community

Dean Six wrote:
NUTTER FARM, interior view of Cain’s store. Hazel Cain shared this and one other image with me when we were gathering images for the Ritchie County photo book. I remember the store building was still standing, in a sharp turn on Rt. 31 beneath where 31 now joins US 50 at Nutter Farm. I think Mr. Cain ( Hazel’s father-in-law) looks like the real Sam Drucker NOT in Petticoat junction but in WV! photo circa 1910’s?
Ed Varner added: Mr. Cains sawmill was across the road. I have his ledgers from the 40’s
James Chapman shared: I remember the store and the Cain’s house across the road. “Cain’s store” was a stop on the B&O bus line. My grandparents on Nutter Fork bought their groceries there.
Flavious Haynes Noted:  I remember that turn. Lost all 4 hub caps, and never left the road in dad’s 1960 Plymouth.

Randy Elder chimed in: Biddle Davis crashed in it and finally knocked the old store down

Robinson Lodge and the Ritchie County Picnic

Where Oh WHERE are the surely hundreds of photos of this????

Ruth Flanagan shared: Robinson Lodge. My step grandmother Martha Stewart ran Robinson Lodge for years. Martha Stewart was better known as Ma Stewart and she ran it with a strong fist for years. Don’t know who she sold out to, then moved into Parkersburg. I remember square dancing there, turkey shoots and lots of good times. Maybe someone can come up with some pictures.

Ginger Ball wrote: My dad owned the property which Robinson lodge was on which he built our home on. Ruth Ann your dad taught me to square Dance. Martha was my dad’s partner and I remember her. I don’t remember any pictures. That was a long time ago, my dad was Philip Lemon I know there was a lot of people there.

Eva Jo Six posted: The Layfield reunion was held in front of the Robinson Lodge and the Rexroad reunion was just a short distance away, near the road bank toward Harrisville .

Grant District High School, later Cairo High School

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photo and post shared by Elaine S. Strader:
Since viewing the photos of the CHS gym I have been thinking I needed to add this photo of the 1925 basketball team My Dad, Owen Eugene Smith is in the front row second from the left. The only other people I can identify are Frank Marsh, former teacher and principal at Cairo Elementary. He is the first one on the left in the front row. Also, my uncle Jess Scott is in the back row second from the left.

ABOUT early Grant District High School basketball:

shared by Elaine S. Strader;
According to my Dad, Owen Eugene Smith, before the building of the new gymnasium in 1921, basketball games were played outside on the tennis court that was in front of the gym.

Cairo’s first indoor basketball court was on the top floor of the Greer Supply building, now know as the R.C. Hardware. The top floor was refurbished and proper lines were painted. Two banking boards were built and after installing, teams were picked for the first game. The first game was also the last in that building. The two teams and the referee running the floors length set up vibrations throughout the building so severe that not a single gas mantle (light) remain intact in the entire building. The owner immediately stopped all activities on the new basket ball court. Grant District High School board of education drew up plans for the new gymnasium. The banking boards from the Greer Building were installed for the new court.

Cairo grade school

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Orlena Mccormick -leighton photo shared by Orpha Johnson.

Guff Harper wrote: I got my butt whipped in every room in the grade school.

Kathy White shared: I loved teaching at this little school! I taught first grade in the room on the left, kindergarten in the room second on the left…and second grade downstairs in the same room where I went to second grade! Great memories here!